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How to photograph fireworks effectively

Fireworks are not only pleasing to the eye, but not amazing camera operators to capture. These spectacular expression of colorful lights, not only fascinate and excite us, and to this memorable event. Think of any major or minor event and a fireworks illuminate the night sky, bringing it to life with lots of fireworks and configurations. Thanks to the enormous challenges it offers, photographing fireworks remain a favorite subject of many photographers, both amateurs and professionals.
Photographing Fireworks
Photographing fireworks helps incorporate festive moments that just make life and longevity. More often than not, you'll see images of fireworks is grainy, blurry or over / under exposed. To avoid such disappointments, you should get the proper equipment and techniques.
"Why use a tripod?Photographing fireworks include the use of cameras that have longer shutter speed or long-term exposure. For this reason, you should ensure that the camera remains constant at all times. Make sure the camera on a tripod eliminates camera every move made and ensure that the movement is the only movement of fireworks videotaped. Using a tripod will ensure that images are crisp and clear, not blurry or shaky.
"Using a cable release / remoteNo matter how steady your hand is now touching the camera causes a move that often causes the image to shake. In order to avoid such unnecessary trouble, invest in a remote location that will ensure that the camera is completely still. While fireworks shooting, the camera shutter must remain open for a long time to increase exposure to light, therefore, the use of cable release is important. Release cable helps cameraman only cause the trigger without hesitation or shaking the camera.
"Precise Shot is framedImagine the disaster that is sure to emerge if the configuration is not correct. One of the most important steps to get a good shot of fireworks on the right track; This requires patience and planning. Before you start shooting, hunting for the best position in which you stand not to be distracted by spectators or other obstructions. Holding a piece of background or horizon where shooting is important, especially if your camera has a wide focal length. Look through the viewfinder during the first few rounds to know the exact location of the action and set up a camera pointing in that direction. Framing will also help to ensure sufficient time for shooting fireworks.
"Set the focal length rangeWhen shooting fireworks, you should use a camera with a wider focal length to capture most of the action. Although the focal point checks if the screen fills frame when shooting the same focal length depends on your location on the screen. While in the zoom-shots offer a wide variety of colors and proven to be highly effective, it is recommended to shoot at a wider focal lengths of tighter shots. Set the focal length to infinity, unless you want a closer look at the screen shot and remember to include the building or the people in the background.
"Camera SettingsIt is true that one should not fast lens for shooting fireworks, aperture setting of f / 8 or f/16 can be used to record all the action. Most cameras come with a built-in feature of the night or fireworks place if not in the camera, you can manually configure the settings. ISO 100 should serve a purpose for the good clarity and highlights the finer grains.
»Check the shutter speedSet the shutter speed for long exposure or use a cable release. The exposure time of between 1 and 5 seconds is ideal for swing missiles emanating from the explosion. You can use a light bulb to shoot fireworks, and allows you to hold the shutter button while fireworks blast over. Experiment with different exposures to obtain different results. You can even experiment with several shots inflammation with a black hat or a card from the state explosion.
»See footageNormally, checks every once in a while to know the quality of the image. Check the pictures after the first couple of photos that will help you to customize settings. Check the box, exposure and brightness of the image, so you get a good picture quality.
The best fireworks show in the U.S.
With Christmas knocking on your ear, get your camera ready and head to one of these locations to capture all the action on camera. These shows attract millions of spectators each year, and that is a good bet for photographers like you. Some of the biggest pyrotechnic celebrations fourth July is listed here in the U.S., have their choice and get started.
Presentation of the annual Macy's fireworks - New YorkThis spectacular show over the Hudson River for the last 26 minutes. Emission starts at 9 am, and there before 4 pm as you would not want to be stuck in the blockade because of the large number of people who are attracted to.
Show Atlantic City - New JerseyFireworks display is composed of two parts, the first half of the show is over and the marina is 22 minutes, while the other half takes place along the beach and takes 24 minutes. Again, you should get there early to get a good position to take action.
Addison Circle Park Presentation - TexasPerformance that lasts 30 minutes, and can be seen from anywhere in Addison. If you are planning to go there, be prepared to park and walk to the periphery area of ​​the screen.
Show Boston - MassachusettsA popular and expensive look that lasts for 21 minutes, over the Charles River. Get in Harvard and Longfellow bridges to the unobstructed view of the screen.
National Mall - Washington DCFireworks begin at 9 pm and last 20 minutes. This was followed by a military parade. Take your place at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial to get the best possible shots.
Fireworks Nevada - Lake TahoeThe show lasts 23 minutes and the breath can be seen from the pier, and the bikes coast.
St. Louis - MissouriIt is a 20-minute show, which attracts half a million people each year and that is nothing less than an intense experience. Emission starts at 9 o'clock and undoubtedly the region around the port fills too quickly.
New Orleans - LouisianaThis screen 13 minutes can be viewed from the river or from the restaurant Levi. Record two battle barges with fireworks.

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